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Plus Size Body Shaper | Belly Band Postpartum | Smart Parents Store
Plus Size Body Shaper | Belly Band Postpartum | Smart Parents Store
Plus Size Body Shaper | Belly Band Postpartum | Smart Parents Store
Plus Size Body Shaper | Belly Band Postpartum | Smart Parents Store
Plus Size Body Shaper | Belly Band Postpartum | Smart Parents Store
Plus Size Body Shaper | Belly Band Postpartum | Smart Parents Store
Plus Size Body Shaper | Belly Band Postpartum | Smart Parents Store

3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Band | Post Pregnancy Tummy Tucker | Plus Size Tummy Tucker

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3 in 1 Tummy tucker description

    Our color nude tummy and hips tucker consists of 3 parts, a belly belt, a waist belt and a pelvic belt also called lower tummy tucker. The three parts can be worn together to achieve instant slimming effect, posture correction and pain relief, or separately to shape and support the exact body part you need.

    The set is made of highly elastic soft and breathable fabric and flexible steel bones, achieving snug fit and healthy tummy/pelvis compression. With closure in front, this band allows you to adjust the tightness as you need to feel comfy.


Size chart

Size Waist, inches Waist, cm
M 24-31'' 60-80 
L 31-39'' 80-100
XL  39-43'' 100-110
XXL 43-51'' 110-130
3XL 51-55'' 130-140
4XL 55-59'' 140-150

Tummy Tucker benefits

    • BODY MODELING: This waist shaping belt adopts high waist design which ensures the firm tummy compression without bulky rolls. This slimming girdle underwear is ideal for women after pregnancy and the people who want to create an invisible sleek figure under beautiful dress by hiding the fat around waist, back and tummy.
    • BACK PAIN RELIEF & CORRECT POSTURE: The waist trainer support band for women is constructed with steel bones around, offering comfy lumbar back support so as to boost your posture and relieve back pain. 
    • POSTPARTUM RECOVERY SUPPORT: Wearing postpartum recovery abdominal binder can give moms abdomen control, waist/back support, reduce swelling and bloating after delivery, accelerate c-section wound healing, prevent organs skin from sagging, relieve pain felt in hips and pelvis ameliorat, helps shrink the uterus down to it’s normal size.
    • DURABILITY: Keeps its shape for a long time. The lingerie body shaper adds high elasticity fabric that you can stretch freely and it is not easy to get out of shape. Hand washing in cold water and hang air dry are highly recommended.

    What happens after you Place Order

    • SHIPPING: Immediately after you place your order, we start processing it. We check your order for quality assurance, pack it, print the shipping labels and forward it to our shipping company for dispatch. Order processing time is between 1-7 business days, but uslually it takes a day or two.
    • AVERAGE DELIVERY TIME within US for this Postpartum Band is about 4-9 days. We also deliver to other countriesAll packages are delivered via a trackable method.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that shipping and delivery times stated above are average and based on normal conditions. Every once in a while, USPS experiences heavy shipping volumes, holiday seasons, severe weather conditions and pandemic restrictions. In such cases the delivery may take longer.
    • CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY: Here at the Smart Parents Store you can enjoy a happy and safe shopping. We love our customers and want them to rest assured we'll take care of everything from the moment you Add to Cart till the day you receive your item and tell us you are happy with it. More than that, you have 30 days return guarantee. GO AHEAD, choose your size and color and Place your Order NOW. And expect to see your postpartum life saver at your porch soon.

      Quality Guarantee
      30 Days Return Guarantee
      FREE Shipping Available

      Tummy tucker usage tips

      Whether you are going to buy a postpartum tummy tucker now, checking the tummy tucker price or looking for a tummy tucker near me, consider these tips.

      1. Not intended for use during pregnancy.

      2. Please DO NOT dress the belt when sleeping.

      3. Wash it with clean water before your first use.

      4. If your skin is allergic or easily hurt, avoid contact with the skin directly, for example, consider wearing an undershirt under the belt.

      5. If you feel uncomfortable wearing whatever body shaping underwear, consider adjusting the tightness or reducing the using time.

      6. In order to help you get your body back to its former post childbirth shape more quickly, we recommend you combine exercise and calorie control with the use of this product, you will see a BIG difference very soon.

      Your questions answered

      1. How long can I use it after natural childbirth?

      Use the abdomen belt as early as possible. It is the most effective to wear it from the second day after delivery to half a year. It dose good to shape waist and abdomen curve, prevent the sagging of internal organs, promote uterine contraction, and help body recovery.

      2. How soon after a C section can I wear my belly band?

      In our experience, 3-4 days is a good plan, to give the wound some time to heal. Afterward, feel free to wear it as much as you like.

      3. I gave birth months ago, will Waist trainer band still work for me?

      Of course. Our All in One Postpartum Band is designed to deliver continuous support to your body, improve posture, relieve back pain and slim you down. Whenever you start, you'll feel great ease, back and hip pain relief and instant slimming effect.

      4. Is Belly Band effective in actually slimming my body?

      Absolutely! Even though our abdomen belt won't make you lose weight, you will still look tremendously thinner and smoother while wearing it.

      5. But where does all of the fat go?

      Any excess fat in the belly, waist, and pelvic area is compressed and moved towards more desirable places. 

      6. How long does postpartum belly last? You've given birth but your baby bump hasn't magically disappeared. A couple of weeks have past but you still look a little pregnant. Please, don't worry. The main reason is your still-expanded uterus, which takes about six weeks to three months to shrink back down to its more-or-less pre-pregnancy size. The secondary reason might be a little extra weight you've gained during pregnancy, which will go away naturally as soon as you come back to your workouts.  

      7. When to wear postpartum belt? First, wearing a postpartum belt is a great idea when you want to make your postpartum belly look a little smaller. Second, in some situations, like diastasis recti, wearing a postpartum belt might be recommended by your doctor or midwife to help your body recover.

      8. How long should I wear my postpartum belt?  How long do you wear postpartum belt? Unless recommended by your doctor you can wear your postpartum belt as long or as short as you wish. Many new moms continue wearing their postpartum bands years afterwards to look slimmer in everyday life and for special occasions. 

      9. How to wear postpartum belt? See the picture above.

      10. How many hours should I wear postpartum belt? Unless recommended by your doctor there is no certain ammount of hours you should wear your postpartum wrap. If you feel uncomfortable wearing whatever body shaping underwear, consider adjusting the tightness or reducing the using time.

      11. Can I wear postpartum belt while sleeping?  Can you sleep with postpartum belt?   Unless recommended by your doctor, there is absolutely no need to wear your postpartum band while sleeping. 

      12. Can I wear postpartum belt after 2 months? Can i wear postpartum belt after 2 years? Unless recommended/restricted by your doctor/midwife, you can enjoy wearing your postpartum belly wrap as long and as often as you wish. 

      13. Does postpartum belt work? Do postpartum belts work? Talking about bodyshaping, yes, a quality postpartum belt does a great work for your favour. It pulls your abdomen together and naturally makes it look slimmer. Can your belly get back to its pre-pregnancy forms without a postpartum belt? After a healthy pregnancy for most women yes. Most new moms wear postpartum wraps to make their belly look instantly slimmer and regain self-confidence, unless it is recommended by your doctor or midwife for medical use.


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