About Us

Welcome to the Smart Parents Store, one stop shop where you can find almost everything for the Newborns, Babies, Toddlers, Youths, Teens, Pregnancy, Postpartum Recovery, Maternity and Parenthood. Every little thing you might need: Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and Safety Items. You name it - you find it here.

We're a wife and husband team and we're passionate about Simple Life Style and Conscious Parenting. In our store you'll find products that will really work for your family. 

The 21st century market offers us lots of products which seem to be necessary and we go get them. But as time passes, we end up overloaded with those 'must-haves', which actually haven't been used for more than a couple of times, if any.

We're here to help you invest into the multi-functional items that will serve you for a long time. Seriously, in the Smart Parent Store you can find all you need. If we don't have something - you might not really need it. Otherwise, let us know - we'll help you find it. 


Ann and Alex Adler

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