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baby carrier
Baby Carrier| Baby Hip Seat Up To 36 Months
Baby Carrier| Baby Hip Seat Up To 36 Months
baby carrier with adjustable stool angle to help your baby sit comfy and safe
the baby carrier has large capacity pockets for your phone, credit cards, cash, keys, wallet
the baby carrier has dotted silicone cushioning stool surface to help your baby sit more comfortable and stable
a hapy young woman hugging her little one who is sitting on a baby carrier wich helps mom reduce back load and saves her from pain. This way she can carry her baby longer without getting too tired
the picture presents detailed view of the baby carrier  with widened belt design to save mom's back and waist from pain
the infographics presents a hapy mom holding her baby with ease because she is using baby carrier hip seat
infographics presents smart features of our baby carrier for carring baies and toddlers
infographics presents such features of our baby carrier as practical color gray, load weight 6-48 lbs, the item is designed for parents' waist between 27.6-52.1 inches
the picture shows how you can adjust the baby carrier stool's angle for best psition of your baby
this baby carrier's stool adjustment angle is 30 degrees to grow together with your baby
our baby carrier has widened belt to reduce abdominal and waist stress in postprtum moms and dads
the picture pesents safety buckle of our baby carrier
our baby carrier has smart pockets to carry your belongings
a happy young woman is holding her baby with ease as her little one is sitting on the baby carrier
you can easily store your phone in the special smart pocket of our baby pocket
the baby carier has dotted seat surface that gives the baby a better grip
sunveno baby carier in color gray
the infographics shows that our baby carrier has smart design to help your little one's legs maintain m-position
this infographics presents 4 posittions you can put your baby in differeent ages: younger babies can lay horizontally, 6+ babies who can sit vertically, can sit front facing, side faccing andd face to face wth the carrying adult

Baby Carrier| Baby Hip Seat Up To 36 Months

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Your back and arms will thank you as soon as you start carring your little one using our smart baby carrier! 

Infant Carrier Hipseat Features:

  • DESCRIPTION: Our Baby Carrier represents a hip seat, or a stool which can be used to help you keep your arms free for your everyday activities. Great for everyday life, shopping, travelling, hiking. 

  • M-POSITION: Ergonomic stool shape keeps your baby's hips in the healthy M-position. This is offered through the wide seat base, which keeps baby’s legs supported and lifted rather than dangling or hanging. This ergonomic design supports your child and maintains a healthy seated position and reduces the risk of hip dysplasia.

  • PADDED WAIST BELT: The Belt Is Filled With Elastic Component Layer To Evenly Distribute The Waist Force in contrast to the common belts which can hurt your waist

  • SHOCK ABSORPTION BENCH: 0.6 in / 15mm thickened buffer cushion , your baby is like sitting on the sofa. It's comfortable and protects baby's spine. 

  • SCRATCH PREVENTION DESIGN: Turn down the protective cover to block zipper and protect baby's leg skin from scratching.
  • 4 X STORAGE DESIGN: Large storage pocket under the 3D hip seat, zip up side pocket, and a bottle / cup holder. No more need for a diaper bag! Store your phone, credit cards, diaper, wipes and a drink! You'll love the storage so much you'll wonder why no other carrier has these features!

Baby Carrier Specifications:

Baby Age: 6-36 Months
Baby Weight: up to 42 lbs / 20 kg
Parent's Waist: 28-44 inches / 70-110 cm
Lining: Polyester
Filling: EPP

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      Q: Age and weight for this hipseat?

      A: Sunveno hipseat is suitable for baby who is 6-36 months, up to 40lbs/20kg. Babies start to sit straight alone when they are 6-8 months, so the infant carrier may be used in multi positions until the baby is 18 months.  When babies are 1.5 years old and up sole carrier /stool/ can be used without straps. You can look through description on page for use instructions.

      Q: Maximum size belt?

      A: Generally the wait belts can fit for moms or daddies whose waist line is within 30-44 inches / 80-110 cm. It means most customers can wear it.

      Q: Can it be used to carry the baby in my back?

      A: As it is not safe for baby if she is beyond moms visibility range, we don’t strongly recommend back carry although many parents would like to wear it in back. 

      Q: Can baby carrier help?

      A: A quality ergonomic baby carrier helps reduce backpain and makes parent's hands free yet keeping constant bond with the baby. 

      Q: Is baby carrier safe?

      A: Yes, as long as used correctly. Important if you breastfeed in your baby carrier, make sure you see your baby's face and always bear in mind what you have to do to quickly take your baby out of the carrier in case of chocking.

      Q: Is baby carrier bad for baby? Are baby carriers dangerousWhy are baby carriers bad?

      A: Yes, if used in a wrong way, wrong age or weight and if breastfeeding mom doesn't see her baby's face. Otherwise the will become your best friend and life saver if you follow the producer's recommendations.

      Q: Will baby overheat in carrier? How many layers should baby wear in carrier?

      A: Some quality carriers are designed for hot days, yet if it's too hot, keep an eye on your baby and protect her from sun. 

      Q: Which baby carrier is easiest to put on?

      A: Baby carriers like the ones you see in this page are easier  to put on and take off if compared to slings.

      Customer Reviews

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      Nicolette Brakus

      Absolutely love this baby carrier! As new parents, we endorse this product to all new parents out there. Life changer.


      The baby carrier is of great design and looks really reliable. The shipping is fast and the customer service is good. Thank you.

      Rober T.
      Worth Every Cent

      The item we received looks and feels very nice. It seems to be comfortable for both the baby and the parent. We like the design and metrials it's made of ... worth every cent... very happy with our purchase and the little one seems to be happy. thank u very much. the product and the seller are highly recommended

      peter us

      you receive exactly what you see in the picture. we like it very much. thanks. I highly recommend the product and the seller. thanks again

      Dad Of Three
      Saved my wife from pain

      The baby carrier is great. Smart and comfortable. There are fasteners, zippers, buttons. It looks very good and reliable. I wish I had bought it earlier - it would have saved my wife so much back pain. Now my youngest son is 1 year old. We love the mountains walks and hiking. We are comfortable and so is the child. At the waist there are pockets and a special place for water bottle. It is more expensive than other carriers out there, however, it is worth it.