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Silicone Baby Dolls | Full Body Silicone Babydoll | Realistic Silicone Dolls 22 Inch Can Stand

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 Indulge in our exclusive offer on the lifelike 22-inch Full Body Silicone Baby Doll!

Available at a special discounted price, this realistic girl doll is now on sale, accompanied by free shipping for added convenience.

Crafted with premium soft silicone, this doll boasts flexible limbs, allowing various poses while standing, sitting, or lying down. With exquisite Taiwan high-grade acrylic eyes and a securely glued wig, every detail exudes realism.

Features include:
- Realistic 22-inch Full Body Silicone Doll
- Free Shipping for a Limited Time
- 30-Day Return for Any Reason Guarantee

Included in the set:
- 1 Finished Doll
- 1 Clothing Set
- 1 Magnetic Pacifier
- 1 Feeding Bottle
- 1 Certificate of Authenticity

Pick your fave baby:

1. Lila Locks: Lila is a spirited little doll, her eyes sparkle with curiosity, reflecting her adventurous nature. Always dressed in cheerful pastel colors, Lila loves exploring the outdoors and collecting tiny treasures like colorful stones and delicate flowers.

2. Willow Waves: Willow is a gentle soul with long, flowing dark chestnut hair that she loves to style in braids and ribbons. Her deep eyes hold a serene wisdom, making her the peacemaker among her doll friends. Willow adores storytelling and often gets lost in her imagination, dreaming up enchanting tales of far-off lands.

3. Harper Tresses: Harper is a spunky doll with vibrant hair, her eyes hold a mischievous glint, hinting at her playful and adventurous spirit. Harper enjoys creative activities like painting and crafting, often adorning her hair with colorful ribbons and bows.

4. Sophie Strands: Sophie is a doll with big, doe-like eyes radiate kindness and warmth, making her an instant friend to anyone she meets. Sophie loves music and dancing, twirling around in her favorite dresses adorned with ribbons and lace.

5. Emily Enchanté: Emily is an elegant doll with long, flowing hair that she adorns with delicate accessories and flowers. Her piercing eyes hold a sense of wonder and curiosity, reflecting her love for fairy tales and magical adventures. Emily often hosts tea parties for her doll friends, where she spins captivating stories of whimsy and enchantment.

Bring joy and imagination to life with our limited-time offer on this remarkable Full Body Silicone Baby Doll!

Quality Guarantee
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