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Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Adjuster

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Seat belt for pregnant description

  • HOW IT WORKS: Our Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Belly makes the usual car seat belt sit across the thighs, instead of over the belly. It allows driver to focus on driving, as well as makes passenger more comfortable and safer.
  • WHO IT IS FOR: Pregnant women, mothers after Caesarean section, anyone who's had an abdominal or stomack surgery or simply persons with bigger bellies who want to get rid of discomfort while driving. Our Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Belly can be used by pretty much anyone who needs to keep the car belt away from their belly and stomack. 


  • EASY TO USE: Installation takes only a couple of seconds, as shown in the video, and it doesn't take extra time to unstrap and re-strap, so that it is very convenient for daily use. Our Car Belt Adjuster is universal and fits different cars' Front Seats.
  • STABLE FIXACTION: A metal hook hangs under the car seat bottom bar can keep the belt in place, not moving vertically. No interference for driving. It allows pregnant drivers to focus on driving.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The car belt adjuster only transfers the abdomen force to the thigh but the original seat belt still protects your safety. For anyone having had abdominal or stomach surgery, caesarean section, the pregnancy seat belt can help reduce discomfort and pain safely.

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  • WE ARE ALSO PARENTS and we know that ease and relief are extremely important during those nine months when you are carrying a new life inside of you and afterwards, if you have had your C-section. That’s why we're restocking Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Adjuster, Car Belt for after Caesarean Section to provide the most comfort possible for you as you begin to take on your motherly role journey. 
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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy F.

Good product. Same day shipping. High quality. I ordered two for my wife to use on both, the driver's and passanger's seat

Daniel Ash

Very high quality belt, just like in tve car, the same materials.

Ann Adler

Hi L. Newton,
Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we've done our best to provide you with a detailed yet simple installation video you can find in this page. Take care driving

L. Newton

Good product, delivery 2 weeks. Easy installation. Works as planned. Recommend. Not sure how to use it wearing a long skirt