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Pregnancy Back and Belly Support Belt
Pregnancy Back and Belly Support Belt
Pregnancy Back and Belly Support Belt
Pregnancy Back and Belly Support Belt
Pregnancy Back and Belly Support Belt
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Pregnancy Back and Belly Support Belt

Pregnancy Back and Belly Support Belt

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Pregnancy support belt description

Our Pregnancy Support Belt is designed to relieve pelvic floor pain, abdomen ligament pain and low back pain during pregnancy. Helps lessen spinal pressure caused by growing baby. Effectively helps to improve poor posture especially while standing and walking. Ideal for easing discomfort during pregnancy. Fully adjustable to accommodate your abdominal growth throughout pregnancy. You can tighten it until you feel comfortable. 


  • SIZE: One size fits up to 46" hip circumference.  Important: DON'T apply too tightly or it will restrict blood circulation.
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: Our Pregnancy Support Belt is made of lightweight, breathable cotton and good quality spandex. You can even wear it on bare skin. Fits for everyday use and it's unnoticeable under clothes while still providing you the best support. Our Pregnancy Back and Belly Support Belt is Washable and Reusable.
  • SMART DESIGN: Easy to wear, adjust and remove. Double Elastic bands provide enough compression and comfortable support for the belly to make you feel secure.

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            Are you looking for a way to support your belly and back during pregnancy? Look no further. Our Breathable Belly and Back Support Brace for Pregnancy is exactly what you need.
            Do maternity belts help with back pain? Well, to be totally honest, nothing can help you get rid of all the unpleasant feelings during that amazing nine months journey. Please, talk to your doctor or midwife if your back pain during pregnancy disturbs you too much. Still, if your pregnancy back pain and lower back pain in pregnancy arises due to the growning load on your back muscles, you can help relief those pains by supporting your sweet baby bump with a Pregnancy Belly Support Brace and get regnancy back pain relief.
            Can a maternity belt hurt baby? If used properly, our Pregnancy Belly Support Brace can no way hurt your baby or you. Please, do not fasten it too tight, so that your blood circulation remains free. Consult your doctor if you are not sure about how tightly you should fasten your belt.
           Here at the Smart Parents Store we're also parents and we wish you to enjoy your breathtaking nine months journey!