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Newborn Photography Props | Bunny Suit, 3 Pcs
Newborn Photography Props | Bunny Suit, 3 Pcs
Newborn Photography Props | Bunny Suit, 3 Pcs
Newborn Photography Props | Bunny Suit, 3 Pcs
Newborn Photography Props | Bunny Suit, 3 Pcs
Newborn Photography Props | Bunny Suit, 3 Pcs
Newborn Photography Props | Bunny Suit, 3 Pcs

Newborn Photography Props | Bunny Suit, 3 Pcs

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Newborn photography props description

Handmade, neutral, minimallistic, gentle and baby skin friendly Cute Bunny Set for Newborns will make your baby's first home photographs look sooo cute and fun as if taken in a Studio. These amazing props will surprise your family and friends and boost your baby's Instagram. Yourlittle one and you will definitely enjoy your newborn's first photography session at home with this cute set.

Material: Cotton Blend.

Size: Newborn

What you get for $17.99: 3 Pcs Handmade Set - a Diper Cover, a Cap and a Toy Carrot

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How can I DIY my Newborn's First Photography Session

  • Read a little about lights /the more light the better, daylight is just fine, big window in the session room is welcomed/
  • Go online and find the newborn photography picture ideas that will inspire you
  • Think of a solid color background /white wall is just OK/
  • Get some cosy drapes and dresses ready for your baby's photography session
  • Dress your baby in some cute outfits right before breasfeeding and putting them to sleep. When they fall asleep, grab your camera and enjoy your newborn photography session at home with no stress, no appointments, no hurry. 
  • If something goes wrong, don't worry, you'll be able to try again later.

When is the best time for Newborn Photography Session?

    The first 2 weeks of your baby's life are considered to be the best time for the first Newborn Photography. And it is not only because your baby sleeps so much during this period /which is true/, but also because of the baby acne /which appears to about every 4th newborn at the age of 2-4 weeks/. Since you might not want this little things to accompany your newborn's first photography session, consider the first 2 weeks of age.

    Talking about the best time for the Newborn Photography, there is another circumstance to be taken into consideration, called Neonatal Jaundice, a yellowish discoloration of the white part of the eyes and skin in a newborn. It happens to about 60% of full term newborn and 80% of premature babies and lasts for about 7-10 days in term newborns and 14 days in premature newborns. Some parents do not appoint the newborn photograpfy session until this yellow color totally disappears. And here is a trap: if we wait too long, 25% of us will get from that yellow color directly into the baby acne. 

     Well, honestly speaking, none of these two states is a real problem either for your baby or their first photography session. This is life and you might decide to just take those pictures whenever it is comfortable for you or whenever your baby photographer is available. These are just things to know beforehand and we are writing about them only because they happen to almost every newborn but they are talked about so little. Who of us has heared about these physiological states before facing them as a new parent or reading this article?

   So, here is what seems to be a rational conclusion: if you'd prefer to imprint that sweet flawless baby you newborn really is between Jaundice and Acne, consider the second week of your baby's life for their newborn photography.