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HotSlings Adjustable Pouch
HotSlings baby carrier
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HotSlings baby carrier size
HotSlings Adjustable Pouch size

HotSlings Adjustable Pouch | Baby Wrap Carrier Adjustable

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HostSlings Adjustable Pouch description

Most new moms appreciate when somebody or something can help them free their hands and relief their back pain yet keep bounding with their little ones and promoting breastfeeding. HotSlings Adjustable Pouch is ideal for all new moms and moms-on-the-go.Ā Our baby carrier is suitable for newborns and babies under 35 lbs / 15 kg.

HotSlingsĀ baby carrier wraps areĀ 97% cotton 3% spandex. Filling - 100% cotton.
Gentle cycle machine washable (complete laundering instructions on the inseam tag).

Available in two adjustable sizes Regular and Large. Regular size works great for moms with shoulder to hip measurement 23-26 inches. Large size is good for mommies with shoulder to hipĀ measurement 27-30 inches.
GOur baby carrier comes with a beatiful pouch, which makes it to be a great gift idea for newĀ parents and moms-to-be.


  • GET CLOSER: enhance the bond with your baby. Babies all love being close to mommy! In the pouch baby can hear your beating heart and feel the warmth from your body and peace of mind.
  • BREASTFEEDING FRIENDLY:Ā SinceĀ the baby is near your breast, you can feed her any time they ask for it. The more milk is sucked, the more milk is produced.Ā With the baby pouch, breastfeeding can be both convenient and private.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Say goodbye to shoulder pain and back strain; The baby wrap carrier surrounds you and your baby's spine, making it easy to counteract the baby's weight with your back; No longer get tired or get any sore muscles.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEE: free from any harmful dyes or chemicals.
  • HANDS FREE:Ā These straps surround your spine and your baby's spine and are designed to spread your baby's weight throughout your body to reduce back and shoulder pressure.Ā 


  • SHIPPING:Ā When you place an order, it will ship the next business day for the most part. Average delivery within US is 7-10 days (sometimes even sooner, sometimes longer). Still dealing with pandemic delays with some orders.
  • CARRIER:Ā It is Economy shipping with First Mile who picks it up, and then gets it to a USPS closer to the final destination.

Brand story

HotSlings Adjustable Pouchā„¢ is one of the many creations of Jenny Bosco in Pleasant Grove, Utah. As a Mom of 5, she knows what exactly makes Mom's life easier and spends 40 hours or more per week working on or improving her many Mothers Lounge brands. It all started in 2005 when she invented the Milk Bandsā„¢ breastfeeding bracelet which is sold in thousands of stores worldwide.

Anatomy of the Adjustable AP

  1. Wide Shoulder Design - Shoulder covered by pouch.
  2. Red Arrow - Located on inside of pouch next to caution label.
  3. Buckle & Strap - Two buckles with straps infinitely adjust to give you the best
    Hotslings fit.
  4. Good Fit Zone - Pouch should sit at belly button or slightly below.
  5. Sleek Padding - Pouch is lightly padded on both sides for structure in the semi-reclined carry & added comfort in the hip carry.
  6. Seam & "hs" Tag - Where pouch is sewn together. Use tag to align pouch & find best fit.

Adjusting The Adjustable Pouch Carrier

  1. Ā Adjust your pouch baby in. Out before putting of the package, the HotSlings AP fits the largest in our caregiver size range. To make the pouch smaller, pull the straps through the buckles.
  2. While holding the buckle, pull each strap equally to tighten the pouch to desired tightness. Without baby in sling, check for correct fit by placing the pouch on your shoulder (red arrow against your body, pointing toward your neck). The "hs" tag should be at the top of your hip bone or approximately 3 inches below your belly button.
  3. Place baby carefully in pouch according to the directions below.
  4. If pouch feels comfortable at this size, you are ready to go. If pouch is too loose or too tight, take baby out of pouch and adjust slightly by pulling the straps through the buckles until you have a good fit.
  5. Baby should be high and tight with the lowest part of the pouch near your belly button. If pouch is fully extended or fully collapsed and does not fit, please contact customer service for a solution.


  • DISCLAIMER: We donā€™t guarantee delivery dates, just give estimates. Due to different light and brightness settings there might be slight color difference between the picture you see in your device's screen and the item you'll receive.Ā 
  • CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY: Here at the Smart Parents Store you can enjoy a happy and secureĀ shopping. We love our customers and want you to rest assured we'll take care of everything from the moment you Add to Cart till the day you receive your item and tell us you are happy with it. More than that, you have 30 days return guarantee if theĀ item arrives damaged or not as described.Ā So, don't hesitate, go pick your favoriteĀ color and Place Order. And expect to see your own HotSlings Adjustable Pouch at you porch soon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews



This is very cute and trendy. Everything is made of quality material. The sling has been a huge lifesaver for me because I teach preschool out of my home and now I can be hands free while I am teaching.


I seriously don't know how I lived without my sling for my first kid. This is so awesome. I use it all day while I am cleaning. My baby is very snug in it so I don't worry about him falling out while I am moving all around. I can get down and scrub floors and he will just sleep through it all.

Stacet McLin

absolutely love it... and thank u so much for the giftcards as well...