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present for new dad from mum
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
gifts for a new mum and dad
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
perfect gift for new mum
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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Baby carrier description

 Our Baby Carrier Set consists of 2 parts, a Waist Carrier and a Shoulder-Waist Carrier, which can be used both separately and combined in 3 different modes. Waist Carrier can be used in Stool Mode, Shoulder-Waist Carrier can be used in Strap Mode, 2 carriers together can be used in Combination Mode. Great for everyday life, shippong, travelling, hiking.


    • 12 CARRYING POSITIONS: 2 Pcs Hipseat Set used in 3 different modes offers you 12 comfortable and almost effortless carrying positions. You're reading it right, 12 different positions /as shown in the picture/ 
    • PADDED WAIST BELT: The Belt Is Filled With Elastic Component Layer To Evenly Distribute The Waist Force in constrast to the common belts which can hurt your waist.
    • SHOCK ABSORPTION BENCH: 0.6 in / 15mm thickened buffer cushion , your baby is like sitting on the sofa. It's comfortable and protects baby's spine. 
    • SCRATCH PREVENTION DESIGN: Turn down the protective cover to block zipper and protect baby's leg skin from scratching.
    • SHOULDER STRAP: Fit the shoulder curve, does not slip, and since the thickness is moderate, it is not stuffy in summer.
    • DUAL STORAGE DESIGN: Increase travel space, easy to travel.

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      Can baby carrier help? A quality ergonomic baby carrier helps reduce parent's backpain and makes parent's hands free yet keeping constant bond with the baby. 

      What baby carrier to buy? What baby carrier do i need
      The Baby Carrier you see in this page is the most painless way to carry your baby, yet more expensive that slings. Slings are commonly cheaper and better for hot days, yet it takes some time to learn how to use slings, while baby carriers are easy to put on and take off and you don't need to wrap them up each time you need to go out. 

      Which baby carrier is best for newborns? Can baby carrier be used from birth?
       Only carriers which are designed for newborns may be used from birth. Read description carefully. 

      Is baby carrier safeYes, as long as used correctly. Important if you breastfeed in your baby carrier, make sure you see your baby's face and always bear in mind what you have to do to quickly take your baby out of the carrier in case of chocking.

      Is baby carrier bad for baby? Are baby carriers dangerousWhy are baby carriers bad? Yes, if used in a wrong way, wrong age or weight and if breastfeeding mom doesn't see her baby's face.

      Will baby overheat in carrier? How many layers should baby wear in carrier?
       Some quality carriers are designed for hot days, yet if it's too hot, keep an eye on your baby and protect her from sun. 

      Which baby carrier is easiest to put on? Baby carriers like the ones you see in this page are easier  to put on and take off if compared to slings.

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      Divino igual que en la foto, gracias vendedor


      Me encanto la verdad se ve muy confortable lo he probado y esta genial . Rapidez en el envío y seriedad .


      Quede muy satisfecho con el color y es justo como se describe .

      Daniel L.

      Thick material, a little too much for summer to my mind