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Baby White Pacifier | Baby Pacifier | Smart Parents Store
Baby White Pacifier | Baby Pacifier | Smart Parents Store
Baby White Pacifier | Baby Pacifier | Smart Parents Store
Baby White Pacifier | Baby Pacifier | Smart Parents Store
Baby White Pacifier | Baby Pacifier | Smart Parents Store
Baby White Pacifier | Baby Pacifier | Smart Parents Store
Baby White Pacifier | Baby Pacifier | Smart Parents Store

Baby Pacifier, 2 Pack

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 Baby pacifiers description

Made of safe food-grade material and soft silicone these minimalistic and nutral pacifiers are bite resistant and bisphenol-free. Ergonomic design reduces baby face skin irritation, doesn't hurt your babe's nose. Dust-proof cover keeps pacifier clean and always ready to use. Effectively relieves gingival itching and other unpleasant teething symptomes.

Please disinfect before using. It can not be put into boiling water, microwave oven, oven, disinfector or other high-temperature equipment for a long time to prevent nipple deformation.

Each set contains 2 or 5 pacifiers, according to your choice.


high                 width            
3cm/1.18"        5cm/1.96"     

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How to fix pacifier in baby's mouth?

When a pacifier becomes displaced in a baby's mouth, the airflow through the nose and mouth is partially or completely blocked, which can interfere with breathing. In addition, a displaced pacifier can cause discomfort and may lead to problems with sucking and swallowing.

Cup your hand around the infant's chin and jaw, tuck the displaced pacifier into the corner of the infant's mouth between the lower lip and gum, and release your hand.


Will pacifier interfere with breastfeeding?

Most experts agree that pacifiers can interfere with breastfeeding, at least in the early weeks and months. The main problem is that pacifiers can cause nipple confusion, which means your baby may have trouble latch onto your breast properly. This can lead to less milk being consumed, and eventually reduced milk production. In addition, frequent use of a pacifier can also lead to irritation and damage to the nipple.

So if you're planning on breastfeeding, it's best to avoid using a pacifier altogether. If you do need to use one occasionally, make sure to do so after nursing sessions rather than before, and always offer your breast first.


Are pacifier wipes necessary?

Pacifier wipes are a personal preference. Some parents feel that they are necessary to clean the pacifier properly, while others find that they are just an extra hassle. If you do choose to use pacifier wipes, make sure to read the ingredients carefully to avoid any harsh chemicals or irritants.

Wipes can be useful for cleaning other things as well, such as bottles and nipples. If you are using disposable bottles and nipples, it is important to clean them thoroughly after each use. Bacteria can build up quickly in these items and can cause problems such as mastitis or thrush.


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