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Best Baby Nibbler | Baby Nibbler | Smart Parents Store
Best Baby Nibbler | Baby Nibbler | Smart Parents Store
Best Baby Nibbler | Baby Nibbler | Smart Parents Store
Best Baby Nibbler | Baby Nibbler | Smart Parents Store
Best Baby Nibbler | Baby Nibbler | Smart Parents Store
Best Baby Nibbler | Baby Nibbler | Smart Parents Store

Baby Nibbler, 2 Pack

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Baby nibbler description

These baby nibblers are engineered to allow only the tiniest of food pieces to go through to allow your little one to enjoy new tastes and at the same time to prevent choking. It is a safe way to start solids. It is also designed with textured surfaces and soft chewable silicone that eases teething discomfort.

Easy to use. Simply place a piece of fruit, vegetable or even meat into the mesh bag and snap it shut. Baby can chew, suck and taste with only small, digestible pieces coming through - reducing the risk of choking.

Size: S for 3 month +
        M for 6 months + 
        L for 8 months +

These nibblers can be used to store fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables and even medicine! It relieves your baby's aching itchy gums and helps build up mouth muscle at the same time. 

Please, follow your dentist's advice when your babe gets their first teeth.

Our baby fruit feeders are made from the highest food grade silicone that is BPA Free, Latex Free, Petroleum Free, Lead Free and Phthalates.

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What to put in baby nibbler?

There are a few different things you can put in a baby's nibbler. Some parents choose to give their children water or juice, while others prefer to give them pureed fruits or vegetables. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide what is best for their child.

What is nibbler for baby?

Nibbler is a type of feeding device that helps to transition babies from nursers or bottles to cups. It consists of a small, cup-like platform with several teething-friendly nibs around the edge. To use, parents simply place the Nibbler on their baby's lower lip and let them gum away. Theoretically, as babies learn to control the suction needed to keep the Nibbler in their mouth, they develops the coordination required for drinking from a cup. Additionally, since most Nibblers are made of silicone (rather than hard plastic), they can massage and relieve any soreness associated with teeth coming in. 

How to use baby nibbler?

The baby nibbler is a soft, silicone teething toy designed to help soothe sore gums. Its simple design and small size make it perfect for little hands, and its flexible silicone construction makes it safe for babies to chew on. The baby nibbler is also easy to clean — simply wash with soap and water.
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