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What Should I Know About Pregnancy Workouts? 20 Ideas of Pregnancy Exercises. What to Avoid

 Congrats, you're pregnant! Starting a totally new chapter in life you probably still want to stay healthy and active. You know WHO encourages pregnant women and postpartum moms to maintain regularly at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity per week, just like all adults. But you might be asking yourself, what exercises are good for you now and what to avoid.

 This article is not a medical instruction. All the information provided by the Smart Parent Store about pregnancy workouts is of general nature and is offered for the educational/entertainment purpuses only. The first idea of this  article is that you start with talking to your doctor about pregnancy exercises and getting his OK.

Second, if your doctor says yes to your pregnancy workouts, consider this: if you were physically active before, you probably may continue your workout routine within the first 12 weeks, but remember some things to avoid. Implantation process starts 6-7 days after conceprtion and may last for weeks during the first trimester. We never know when it finishes, which means you want to avoid exercises that include jumping activities, sudden changes in direction, fall risks activities, contact sports and deep flexing.

As you get further on into the second trimester starting with the 12-14th week of pregnancy, your uterus is getting bigger and heavier every week. It might cut off the oxygene supply to the fetus when you're lying on the back. Which means now in addition to all said above you want to avoid exercises involving lying flat on your back for a long time.

The third trimester starts from week 28 and lasts till the end of the pregnancy. Now since your fetus weighs more than 2.2 lbs/ 1 kg and your center of gravity is changing, your body has to learn to keep balance from new start even in those motions that you've done thousands of times in your life. And it's not only about pregnancy workouts, it's about pretty much everything you do during the day, like moving  around the house, walking up and down the stairs, stepping into and out of the bath-tub and so on. What you wonna do is move more slowly and move with caution.

 Consider these 20 Indoors/Outdoors Pregnancy Exercises Ideas

walking stairs
table tannis
cross trainer
rowing machine
exercise bike
aqua aerobics


Joggers can continue running with the doctor's OK.
Remember things to a void
full sit-ups,
jerky motions,
double leg lifts,
deep back bends,
high intencity exercises,
contact sport, like football,
sudden change in direction,
deep flexing or extension of joints,
 jumping activities, like rope jumping for example,
fall risks activities, like snowboarding, skiing, skating, roller-skating,
lying flat on back for a long time.
Why to Do Pregnancy Exercises/Workouts
1. Pregnancy Workouts can minimize unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. For example, at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity per week contribute to a 30% reduction in gestational diabetes.
2. If every move counts, now every move counts for both of you. The more fresh air you breath in, the more oxygene goes to your baby. The highre your heart beat rate, the more useful things your little one gets.
3. Pregnancy Exercises combined with eating enough fiber-food and drinking water reduces risk of constipation. 
4. Women who do enough pregnancy exercises during daytime get better night sleep.
5. Pregnancy Workouts train muscles and reduce back aches now and postpartum.
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