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How To DIY Newborn Fotography? Newborn Photography Tips - Part 2

  Can I DIY my Newborn's First Photography Session?

   Every parent naturally enjoys taking pictures of their little one. And almost every new parent at a certain point is thinking about a memorable photography session for their adorable newborn.

  Can you DIY it?' Even if before having your firsborn you were a horses-for-courses person, this question will most probably appear in your mind when the photoshoot time comes.

Why is the idea of DIY Newborn Photography Session so relevant?

   It is not only about the cost of a profesinal team service.

   Welcoming a newborn into your family totally changes your life. And the first month with your newborn is as far from 'normal life' as it can be. Your house is a mess, your hair is undone, you hardly have time to visit toilet not to mention taking a shower. You never drink your tea or coffee hot or have your lunch with both of your hands.

   Inviting a photographer and their team into your home may seem a really scaring idea!

    If the description above matches your situation, you need to hear this, Mama, you're doing everything right. Feeding your baby and sleeping are the only things that really matter during the first weeks of your baby's life. We've all been there. I see you, Mama.

   What about a newborn photography session in a nearby Studio?


    The good thing about it is that you don't need to invite anybody into your house and worry about doing all that cleaning and washing up.

   Another good thing is that your newborn will most probably fall asleep in their carseat on your way to the newborn photography studio and if handled carefully will be sleeping during most of the session time.

   If you find an experienced newborn photographer, they've already worked with dozens or even hundreds of newborns and they might be parents too, so most probably you'll get their understanding and help and your session will go as smothly as possible. 


   Nevertheless, the what-if questions may still make you doubt.

  • What if my baby wakes up in the middle of the session?
  • What if they get colic pains, gas or¬†101 other bad mood reasons?
  • Breastfeeding moms might worry: what if my newborn gets hungry?

   It is true: in newborns the intervals between feedings are so short and the breasfeeding process lasts sometimes sooo long /which again is absolutely normal/, that it might take the whole newborn photography session time.

  • The first postpartum weeks are very speacial for every family. You might have pains, sleepless nights, emotional ups and downs and you might just not be keen on going out and meeting new people.

      So let's talk about how to take good-looking and creative pictures of your newborn by yourself. 

How to take good-looking and creative pictures of your newborn by yourself?

     The general rule of thumb - Make it simple!

    1. Simple Backgrounds. Think of some cosy drapes and solid color backgrounds you've got at home. A white wall and neutral blanket will work just fine. If you'd like to make your photos look a bit more trendy and studio-like take a look at these newborn photography props. They will help you DIY fancy and memorable pictures of your little one.

    2. Simple Ways of Personalisation. Look around - what's there in your dressing room? Details will make your newborn's first photos look soooo personal and will let all your family have fun

  • matching clothes [think of your elder kids and pets],
  • cute accessories,
  • letter board messages \tap for ideas\.

   3. Simple Rule Of Light. When it comes to creating beautifully lit home photos, one simple rule stands out: harness the magic of the "Golden Hour," a photographer's best friend.

      During the Golden Hour, which occurs shortly after sunrise and just before sunset, the natural light is soft, warm, and incredibly flattering. Position your little one and yourself near a window during these times to capitalize on this ethereal glow.

       No chance to wait for Golden Hour - no problem. For indoor photography durng the daytime, utilize sheer curtains or diffusers to soften harsh sunlight, avoiding harsh shadows and overexposed highlights. For the night time shots at home you will need much electric light.

    Experiment with the angles and directions of light to achieve different moods and effects, all while keeping in mind the desired ambiance for your home photoshoot. By mastering the art of lighting, you'll transform your ordinary home into a captivating backdrop for your photography adventures.

How to pose my newborn without waking them up?

     And now the biggest worry - baby posing. How to pose my newborn without waking them up? Well, it's true, babies are different and some of them are light sleepers and you never know what dream phase they are now.

   And to be honest it takes a professional to pose your baby and keep them sleeping at them same time. But the thing is that you don't need to worry about that if you DIY your newborn's first photography session. 

     What you do need is to get your background ready and dress your baby in some cute outfits right before natural feeding and nap time. When they fall happily asleep, touch their hand and if they don't wake up, carefully make light posing adjustments.

    Then go grab your camera and enjoy your newborn photography session at home with no stress, no appointments, no need to hurry. If something goes wrong, don't worry, you'll be able to try again later. Actually you even don't need to take all the pics in one day. 


  Yes, you can DIY your little one's photography session:

  1. Start with getting your background, props and lights at hand so that you can use them when you and the baby have the right mood.
  2. Dress your little one in adorable outfits, feed them the way you normaly do that and put them to sleep.
  3. When they inevitably drift off to sleep, touch their head. If that does nort wake them up, try posing them for sweet memories.

  Seize the opportunity to capture those angelic, dream-filled moments without worrying about unexpected awakenings, unscheduled breastfeeding, or stringent time limits.

    Moreover, spare yourself the hassle of inviting people into your home or adhering to a photographer's schedule. 

    So, don't hesitate to embark on this delightful journey of DIY newborn photography at home. With preparation, patience, and a touch of creativity, you'll craft a collection of images that beautifully narrate the story of your baby's early days, all while enjoying the comforts of home.

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