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Everything You Might Want To Know About Your Postpartum Belly and Postpartum Belly Belts

How long does postpartum belly last? You've given birth but your baby bump hasn't magically disappeared. A couple of weeks have past but you still look a little pregnant. Please, don't worry. The main reason is your still-expanded uterus, which takes about six weeks to three months to shrink back down to its more-or-less pre-pregnancy size. The secondary reason might be a little extra weight you've gained during pregnancy, which will go away naturally as soon as you come back to your workouts.  

When to wear postpartum belt? First, wearing a postpartum belt is a great idea when you want to make your postpartum belly look a little smaller /see the picture above/. Second, in some situations, like diastasis recti, wearing a postpartum belt might be recommended by your doctor or midwife to help your body recover.

How long should i wear my postpartum belt?  How long do you wear postpartum belt? Unless recommended by your doctor you can wear your postpartum belt as long or as short as you wish. Many new moms continue wearing their postpartum bands years afterwards to look slimmer in everyday life and for special occasions. 

How to wear postpartum belt? How to wear 3 in 1 postpartum belt? See the picture above.

How many hours should i wear postpartum belt? Unless recommended by your doctor there is no certain ammount of hours you should wear your postpartum wrap.

Can i wear postpartum belt while sleeping?  Can you sleep with postpartum belt? Unless recommended by your doctor, there is absolutely no need to wear your postpartum band while sleeping. 

Can i wear postpartum belt after 2 months? Can i wear postpartum belt after 2 years? Unless recommended/restricted by your doctor/midwife, you can enjoy wearing your postpartum belly wrap as long and as often as you wish. 

Does postpartum belt work? Do postpartum belts work? Talking about bodyshaping, yes, a quality postpartum belt pulls your abdomen together and naturally makes it look slimmer. Can your belly get back to its pre-pregnancy forms without a postpartum belt? After a healthy pregnancy for most women yes. Most new moms wear postpartum wraps to make the belly look slimmer and regain self-confidence, unless it is recommended by your doctor or midwife for medical use.


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