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Calories Burning Leader Exercise That Can Be Done At Home

Have you, guys, ever heard, rope jumping burns 15 to 20 calories per minute resulring into the burn of 200 to 300 calories in a simple 15 minute workout? Hard to believe it's 25% more calories that running. 

And it's not only about fat burn. Skipping is fun and beneficial for all your family members. Kids can stay active and fit during the pandemic lockdown. Give each of them a rope and let them contest in Faster, Higher ... More Times.

As to us, parents, our full body can be exercised - Heart, Lungs, Vessels get to work very hard. Your Calves and Tightes get slimmer, skipping lifts Glutes and trains arms. For you, dear postpartum mothers, skipping is a fast way to build back Vest Line. Please, consult your doctor before your start the exercises.

If you are breastfeeding, skipping just like any other workout, helps produce beneficial chemicals which not only guarantee good mood to you but also get into your milk and contributes to your baby's immune system development. A reliable breathable bra will assure your breast good support. 

The new generation skipping ropes are tangle-free and safe. They come one size and fit all women, men and kids, easy to adjust - you can cut the excess according to your heights.

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